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Running the latest of Final Cut Studio. Hosting 32Tb of dedicated online storage and with 2k projection preview. RED ready suite in a comfortable private cinema. FCP also integrates seamlessly with our Davinci Resolve environment.

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Mirage VFX understands motion Control. We designed it and we built it with the strict guidance of David Pride whos history goes back 40 years as a VFX engineer and the first person to build motion control rigs in Australia. The Mirage rig needed to meet requirments in accuracy, speed, portability, weight and design. David’s reputation and exacting standards were flawless and we are grateful to have worked with a master of his craft – a true genius.

As Mirage is a full CGI and post facility, we also needed to integrate or rig seamlessly to our 3D pipeline. Mirage is able to previs shots in a 3D environment to realise and foresee any issues and limitations with the rig, sets and lighting. It is the most efficient tool before shooting commences.

At the heart of our motion control system is Kuper. Kuper is an Oscar winning Control card and software with hundreds of film credits and we are proud to have integrated it’s powerful robotic film technology. Currently boasting 10 live axis and certainly scalable to more axis, the rig has enormous functionality and manouvreability with very high reach and low reach capabilites ( please contact us for technical motion specs ). The rig has been designed to shoot on RED One, Epic, Scarlette and any DSLR ( currently in use is a Canon 5D MK II ). Each axis is controlled by precision micro stepper motors and geared by German built Harmonic drives. That’s precision that can only be measured with micrometers!

The Mirage rig has zero backlash, which means we can shoot multiple passes for lighting in perfect timecode sync or flash frame. This is also important for stereoscopic plate photography and sequences where compositing plates need to ‘fit’ perfectly.

Finally, we are able to shoot stereoscopic plates in timelapse mode running Dragon Software. Choosing Dragon was easy due to it’s natural controls for stop motion photography and ability to work directly with Kuper. Also, when working with miniatures and steroscopic plates, we use Dragon’s stereoscopic plate designed to allow scalable interocular distances depending on the perceived scale required. Anything from ‘6.16 to 0’ inches of convergence.

[pro-player image=’http://mirage-vfx.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Screen-shot-2010-10-05-at-11.38.20-AM1.png’]http://mirage-vfx.com/media/ZU2.mp4[/pro-player]


Mirage VFX recently invested in Davinci resolve because of it’s long history and incredibly powerful film grading tools. We are proud to have included Davinci in our arsenol, together with the most magnificent colourists in Australia. With a dedicated 32TB server and seamless integration with our Final Cut Pro suite, the process of story and feel has never been closer.

Our Davinci fits perfectly into our stereoscopic projection environment running explicit 2k resolutions for each eye and separate stereoscopic monitoring. Stereoscopic technology has changed significantly over the last few years and understanding the complex issues in shooting and post solutions is absolutely pivotal in successful stereo imaging.

Our Stereoscopic cinema is a passive circular polarised system. We project 2 explicit 2k images on to our 5D Stewart Film Screen, regarded as the best screens in the world with the most effecient polarisation retention and no ghosting and minimal hot spotting. The screen boasts a gain of 2.0 which is also the best performing screen on the market. Apart from stereo images, the screen also suits Full resolution 2k images for grading work on Davinci.

Mirage VFX has a dedicated renderfarm with over 300 cores and with scalable technology to handle any render requirements. The farm is hosted by a 32TB server, running raid 6 parity for secure redundancy checks and daily automatic backups. The whole system is built on 64 bit architecture and has a dedicated 2-4 gigs of memory per core or 16gigs on any multithreaded jobs or a combination of the two.

We have complete remote access and can submit the farm from anywhere in the world. We use Smedge to manage and prioritise pooling structures and job assignments. The farm is able to handle any rendering engine or multiple engines at the same time. System tools allow us to predict average render and job completion times.

Our in house lighters have all had many years experience in feature films and post production facilities, and this knowledge is highly advantageous and necessary for efficient throughput. Jobs are managed and problem solved when needed to minimise render times.

Mirage VFX is predominantly a Renderman / 3Delight house. The farm is set up to handle RIB archives for the most complex of scenes, and enabling geometrically dense shots to rendered quickly and with minimal memory overheads.