Colour Grading Suite

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Mirage VFX recently invested in Davinci resolve because of it’s long history and incredibly powerful film grading tools. We are proud to have included Davinci in our arsenol, together with the most magnificent colourists in Australia. With a dedicated 32TB server and seamless integration with our Final Cut Pro suite, the process of story and feel has never been closer.

Our Davinci fits perfectly into our stereoscopic projection environment running explicit 2k resolutions for each eye and separate stereoscopic monitoring. Stereoscopic technology has changed significantly over the last few years and understanding the complex issues in shooting and post solutions is absolutely pivotal in successful stereo imaging.

Our Stereoscopic cinema is a passive circular polarised system. We project 2 explicit 2k images on to our 5D Stewart Film Screen, regarded as the best screens in the world with the most effecient polarisation retention and no ghosting and minimal hot spotting. The screen boasts a gain of 2.0 which is also the best performing screen on the market. Apart from stereo images, the screen also suits Full resolution 2k images for grading work on Davinci.