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Octocopter Aerial Motion Picture Photography
Engineered to effortlessly carry extraordinary payloads, our octocopter is the world’s largest. It’s the ideal platform for comprehensive Red Epic/Scarlet or Black Magic implementation. Payload is a major issue, with most having only the ability of lifting smaller cameras. Our octocopter was built to lift two red epics giving any production major benefits including resolution, picture quality, safety (in the air and on the ground), flight times and production costs.

It is fully programmable using custom software allowing it to follow along a desired path and altitude, giving greater and more precise control. At our ground station we have full control using a secondary camera system for onboard pilot vision and controls for safe flights. As well as having live feedback of the footage taken, which will be controlled by a separate control system operated by the camera operator, allowing for fine tuning, directed by the Director or DOP during flight.

It has also been fitted with a stabilization gimble, giving the worlds steadiest results straight from the camera without the use of post. Adding extra value for your production needs.

Our octocopter is capable of lifting TWO RED EPIC CAMERAS

Optimal Payload: Up to 7 – 10kg (Although the system can handle much higher payloads but video stability may be compromised.)

Flight Time: 12-30 minutes depending on payload & batteries