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Render Farm
Mirage VFX has a dedicated renderfarm with over 300 cores and with scalable technology to handle any render requirements. The farm is hosted by a 32TB server, running raid 6 parity for secure redundancy checks and daily automatic backups. The whole system is built on 64 bit architecture and has a dedicated 2-4 gigs of memory per core or 16gigs on any multithreaded jobs or a combination of the two.

We have complete remote access and can submit the farm from anywhere in the world. We use Smedge to manage and prioritise pooling structures and job assignments. The farm is able to handle any rendering engine or multiple engines at the same time. System tools allow us to predict average render and job completion times.

Our in house lighters have all had many years experience in feature films and post production facilities, and this knowledge is highly advantageous and necessary for efficient output. Jobs are managed and problem solved when needed to minimise render times.

Mirage VFX is predominantly a Renderman / 3Delight house. The farm is set up to handle RIB archives for the most complex of scenes, and enabling geometrically dense shots to be rendered quickly and with minimal memory overheads.